Ethnic diversity in books: Is it black and white?


I have been feeling especially empowered by my race recently. The #BlackandBritish season on the BBC has served to teach me things about black history that I wasn't aware of as well as set free feelings of pride of being both black and British. Alongside this, Alex Wheatle, the first black author I ever read, became the 50th winner of the Guardian's Children's Fiction Prize. As a young girl growing up, I was always struck by the lack of characters...

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Learning to write engaging dialogue

I am currently sitting in a cafe listening to a group of men's discussion. I often do this, earwig on people's conversations. You may think this is rude and it probably is; I don't know how I would feel knowing a complete random was sitting listening to everything I say. But I am a writer, I am allowed to as this is research. Ok, I am naturally nosy but that is beside the point. Taking liberties with other people's privacy...

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What I read in October

I'm slightly early on my 'What I read in...' series this month but I wanted to end the month with a blog post about the 28 day writing challenge I have been taking part in so here we are. I have been reading so much this month due to the start of my writing course and what a pleasure it has been. Most of the materials I have read I'm unable to share on here because they are excerpts or...

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