Editorial Services

Need help with clarifying meaning or some fresh eyes to locate errors? Fed up with staring at words that you’ve been looking at for months or maybe even years? I’m the woman for the job.

My editing of your novel will reduce the likelihood of possible issues which could have potentially diminished enjoyment and engagement, leaving your readers alone to fully explore the fruits of your labour. You’ll have a professional book and your readers will have an enjoyable experience. Win/Win.

Services offered


This is sometimes known as stylistic editing. Here, I will focus on the sentences and paragraphs you have written and aim to encourage you to present them in an artful way helping with flow, consistency and accuracy. This is not about me changing your novel so it fits how I would do things – I will make it my mission to gain an understanding of you, the author, and your planned reader to enable you to amplify your voice while still ridding the writing of any ambiguity.

This means taking out any parts where you’ve repeated yourself, or described your main character as having auburn hair when in chapter three she was blonde, and sifting through the dreaded clichés. If your writing in chapter fifteen has become a bit clunky because you really wanted to move on to chapter sixteen, I’ll notice and give you a light prodding. Nothing to be ashamed of, it happens to the best of us.

I will also address the same spelling, punctuation and grammar issues offered in my copy-editing services (see below).


Here, the focus is making your sentences and paragraphs error-free, ambiguity-free and full of consistency. That rhymed! In more serious matters, here is where I will aim to flag up any potential legal issues such as plagiarism or libel. I can’t imagine you’d be involved in anything naughty like that but I will check for you anyway. Finally, I will aim to make your writing as concise as this paragraph.


I like baking. In return for testimonials, I send people muffins. Simple.

What you get from me pexels-photo-64776 edited

A brand-spanking, newly edited manuscript, presented as three documents:
1. Your completed edit: this will include tracked changes and comments
2. Your commentary edit: this will be presented with the changes implemented, leaving only comment boxes for easier reference
3. Your clean edit: this will be presented with the changes implemented and comment boxes deleted, leaving just the fully edited manuscript

You will also get:

  • A style sheet (an easy-to-follow document that has all of the most important stylistic editorial decisions in one place)
  • One follow-up email/discussion with any queries about the editing, submitted within three months. (Note: requests for further editing will have to be treated as a new project.)

Free sample

Send me a sample of your writing to obtain a free 1000-word edit so you can see exactly the kinds of changes I might suggest. I use Tracked Changes and comments in Word in my editing, so familiarity with these features is necessary.

£8–15/ $12–20 per 1,000 words 

What to do next

That’s it! No more of me going on about how awesome I am as you should have internalised this by now. All that’s left is for you to make it official and get in contact. Send me an initial email or use the CONTACT FORM briefly detailing what you think I can help you with and we’ll take it from there. I’ll look forward to hearing from you.


How I work

This will be the beginning of a wonderful relationship:

pexels-photo-647781. You fill out an enquiry form either on the right-hand side of this page or the CONTACT page.
2. I will email you a questionnaire. You’ll send a detailed plot summary and a sample of your writing. The questionnaire, summary and sample will provide the basis for further discussion over the phone, via Skype or email. You can request a 1000-word sample edit.
3. I take a look at your sample and let you know a) whether or not we’re a good fit b) the fee and c) the schedule. If you’ve requested a sample edit, I’ll return that to you.
4. If you are happy with the quote, my availability and sample edit (if you asked for one), I’ll give you a formal quote, an invoice for a 25% deposit and my T&Cs. Once the invoice is paid and the T&Cs are signed, you’ll have a place in my schedule and we’re ready to start moving.
5. I go and beaver away at the edit. I may or may not email you with some queries to ensure I am meeting your expectations.
6. The edit is finito! I send you the docs and the final invoice.
7. After the edit, I’ll happily provide up to an additional one/two hours of my time to answer any queries you have or need for clarification up to three months after the project.
8. If you love what I have done, I will ask you for a testimonial with a bribe of muffins. Only joking – my editing will be so good you won’t need a bribe!

Get on over to my CONTACT page to make this official!