Copy and line editing
for YA novels.

Have a novel that needs a critical eye?

Trustworthy and
supportive advice.

Need guidance in editing your novel?

Relevant and fresh advice
which benefits you and your reader.

For books people will want to read forever.

Helping YA authors write books that people will want read to forever

You’ve done it! You’ve produced one amazing YA novel. You’d be fair in thinking that’s the hard work done. Unfortunately, publishing can be a pesky business. But you’re not alone, oh no. I’m here for you. No need to worry about inconsistent spelling or errant commas. That’s why I’m here. You can relax and concentrate on making the final touches to the book your readers are going to love.

My job as a professional fiction editor will not only involve looking out for errors that distract from the readability of your novel but helping you to make those stylistic choices that make the difference between a book that is readable and a book that is consistent. If you want to ensure that your voice is strengthened but the meaning behind your words is clear, look no further!
As a writer myself, I get it. This novel is your baby. Handing your novel over to me may cause you some serious anxiety; will I love and care for it the way you do? Never fear, any recommendations and suggestions I make are just that; you have all the control.

Worried about how it will feel to receive feedback? As a former teacher, I have developed a knack for delivering feedback in a way that doesn’t make children cry and I promise to not make you cry either. Us creatives can be sensitive types.

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Copy & Line Editing
I aim to make your writing clear in meaning, error-free, consistent in style and as concise as possible without damaging your voice.
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Use of Tracked Changes
No need to worry about losing control of your book, all edits made will be suggestions and recommendations. You decide whether to accept them.
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I'm funny too!
I make a point of clarifying exactly what an author wants before any edits are made. I make it clear what I can and cannot do. Importantly, I can make you smile while doing it.
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A former teacher, postgraduate and current MA in Creative Writing student.

Experienced in writing for and editing online magazines. Has a great sense of humor and is very approachable.

Generally awesome person and incredibly modest.

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